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$1 000.00

Embalming compound in powder form both PINK and WH

28 June 2015

Price $1 000.00
RE-VIVA-solution of embalming south Africa Pretoria
CONTACT; ZETA +27607894555 EMAIL zetaodd[at]
Applied behind the lips, this tacky compound can be a real time-saver and produce better results. The surest method for achieving natural expression. Also for preventing lip separation. Try it.

Embalming compound in powder form both PINK and WHITE Radio active and not (HOT and not HOT)
With this very popular liquid cosmetic it is possible to quickly revive natural, soft, life-like beauty. The ashen pallor of death is erased. The transformation is accomplished with a delicate transparency that imparts unbelievable naturalness to skintone and over-all effect. With many cases no further cosmetic work is required. Re-Viva-tone is so easy to apply—with either a soft brush or an air brush.
Email zetaodd[at]

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